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Edinburgh Evening News

Wednesday 22nd December 2010


"Kids are united as trend for younger age groups grow"

An increasing number of parents in Edinburgh and the Lothians are realising the benefits of enrolling children as young as three-years-old into regular football training, with up to 20 per cent more youngsters participating regularly at certain age groups in comparison to four years ago.

Many youth football clubs in and around the Capital run regular training sessions for pre-school and early primary school-age children, and there are around 600 regular participants of organised football at under-8 level.

Mark Munro, the Scottish FA's South East Regional Manager, says more and more parents are recognising the value of allowing their children to hone early- life skills in a football-based environment. "The 3-5 age group is an area that's increasing in size every year," he says.

"Getting a ball at their feet from an early age is important, but it's more about improving physical literacy - things like hand-eye coordination."

At present, organised matches begin at under-8 level, but Munro says that some regions, due to demand, are discussing plans to extend that opportunity to kids aged five and six.

Roddy Maughan and Murdo Steven are two Edinburgh entrepreneurs and long-time youth coaches who are preparing to tap into a growing market for football coaching of children.

Through their new 3v2 Soccer Academy, they hope to continue their success in nurturing kids' footballing technique and social ability.

"A lot of coaches just try to teach football, but we want to act as role models," explains Maughan. "We take an interest in the kid and build relations with their family.

"We will work in partnership with clubs, schools, nurseries, and community groups. On their first day at school, kids are thrown into the real world, and football can help prepare them for that.

"Teachers get their message across with books and blackboards - we're doing it with cones and footballs. We don't groom them to become footballers, but to provide them with the fundamentals."

Maughan's sidekick Steven echoes the educational selling point, saying a football environment can have far-reaching effects.

"If, from ages three to eight, a child isn't making huge leaps in football, if they've grown as a person, that's great," says Steven.

"A five-year-old child can talk to you, whereas a three-year-old is just getting used to people other than mum and dad. Communication is a big thing, as well as getting out there into a different environment and a change of scenery. Coming along to football regularly can mean as much to the family as it can to the child.".........






Sunday 24th December 2017


That's us now officially on holiday and all weekly classes off until after the festive holiday period. We will resume from Monday 15th January onwards.

Thank you so much for all your amazing support this last year! It's thoroughly appreciated.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will see you all again in 2018!


Friday 21st July 2017


A massive thank you to all who attended our Summer Soccer Camps. They were brilliantly well attended and terrific fun throughout! We really appreciate it. We really hope you all enjoyed yourself and we hope to see you at another Camp soon! Please note that October Camp bookings are already being taken. Please ask for further details.


Wednesday 12th July 2017


We were absolutely thrilled to have been able to recently purchase a defibrillator on the back of what was such an amazing charity day last month! A day in which we managed to raise a fantastic total of  877.45! Thanks again to everyone who very kindly made it possible. You're an amazing bunch!


Saturday 1st July 2017


All weekly classes are now off until after the holiday.

Our normal timetable will resume from Monday 21st of August onwards.

Unless you are signed up to attend any of our Summer soccer camps in which case we will see you in the next 3 weeks.

For any further enquiries regarding our classes or camps please do get in touch. Happy holidays!


Wednesday 10th May 2017


Football Themed Family Fun!

Please come and join us on Sunday 11th June between 2-4pm at Pilrig Park School. All proceeds will go towards helping us buy a defibrillator. All support will be gratefully appreciated! We hope to see you there!


Friday 14th April 2017


A massive thank you to everyone who attended our Easter soccer camps! They were brilliantly attended and terrific fun throughout.

Thanks so much to all the grown ups for bringing your child along each day. We hope your child had a great time! Please see our 'Holiday Camps' page for details of our next camps in the Summer.







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